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Clever Toy Storage Ideas for Apartments

Toy Storage Ideas

Are disorganized toys about to put you over the edge? Scattered Gleemerz, Legos, Fingerlings and NERF guns can quickly make your chic apartment living room look like a picked-over Target toy department. And the kids’ bedroom? Well, even if you shut the door, you know the mess is still there. Luckily there are creative toy storage ideas for small spaces that will not only encourage the kiddos to embrace organization but are easy for busy parents to integrate.

Living Room Loveliness

It can be challenging for mature adults to harmoniously share living space with the latest WWE action figures. (Although, a couch date with John Cena wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!) However, when you want to show off your polished pad to unexpected company, you need quick and convenient toy storage for living rooms:

  • Furniture with hidden compartments, such as ottomans or benches, provide a considerable amount of stylish storage for quick clean-up.
  • Wheel-away toy caddies offer portable shelving that you can swiftly relocate to its home in the kids’ room or a closet.
  • Caddy shelves with neatly-arranged boxed board games, books and puzzles intermingled with family photos and trendy decorative items exhibit a family environment without mess.
  • A kids’ corner featuring an activity table with wall-hanging organizational tools, such as coloring book holders, crayon caddies and tiered bookshelves keeps all activities sequestered in one area.
  • Shelved shoe organizers that suspend from a coat-hanging rod double as efficient storage for board games, books and other toys.

Kids Room Coordination

Stress can affect children just as it does adults. Thus, a clean room can help little ones function better mentally and emotionally as well as develop organizational skills to set them up for future success. Try these room clean-up strategies:

  • Under-the-bed storage takes advantage of valuable space. Use plastic tubs with lively labels to keep it neat.
  • A hanging shoe rack on the back of a door harnesses unused space to store Barbies, legos, blocks, markers and other play-time tools.
  • Stuffed animal hammocks provide a decorative but efficient use of higher wall areas while saving floor space.
  • Pegboards are a fashionable way to organize items like craft supplies. Add baskets and shelves to accommodate an assortment of toys.
  • Magnetic strips offer clever storage for metal toys like Matchbox cars or scissors and can also cleanly display your child’s artwork.

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