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Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips & Checklist

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Spring means warmer weather, longer days, a fresh new season and for some of us, an incentive to do some deep cleaning! After spending more time indoors during the fall and winter months, spring is the perfect time to reset your living space with some fresh air and a thorough cleaning session. You can start the season on the right foot by keeping your apartment clean and tidy.

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Spring cleaning is an ideal opportunity to tackle certain areas of your home that you may not get to regularly, like your refrigerator, baseboards and windows. If the task feels daunting, try focusing on one room at a time and only one room per day. As with any project, making a list is a great way to get started and can help keep you organized. Here’s an apartment spring cleaning checklist that you can use as a starting point.


Wipe down and disinfect all refrigerator drawers and shelves
Throw away any expired condiments, spices or pantry items
Wash trash can and recycling bins with soap
Clean out the inside of oven, microwave and other appliances
Wipe down the front of cabinets and inside drawers


Thoroughly scrub bathtub, shower, toilet and sink
Organize medicine cabinet and declutter under-sink areas
Wipe down mirrors and all surfaces
Shake out and wash any rugs
Sweep and mop floors


Wash all bedding, throw pillows and blankets
Vacuum mattress and flip it over
Polish furniture, headboards and fixtures
Reorganize closet and store clothing based on the season
Consider donating clothing and shoes that you no longer need

Living Areas

Spot clean carpets
Vacuum entire space including under furniture and beneath cushions
Wipe down baseboards
Wash throw blankets and pillows
Clean windows, dust blinds and wash curtains

Exterior view of apartment community

When it comes to exterior spaces, at Irvine Company Apartment Communities, we take care of all building maintenance and community areas (excluding private patios) so you don’t have to. From clearing gutters and changing air filters to landscaping and pool maintenance, our dedicated on-site teams ensure that the outside of your home and all amenity areas remain in excellent condition.

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