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How to Store Tools in an Apartment

Person assembling furniture with a tool

Whether you’re an apartment renter or a homeowner, a set of tools is a helpful asset to have at your disposal. Screwdrivers, hammers, nails, tape measures and power strips frequently come in handy for household projects and decorating your space. But what is the best way to store tools if you don’t have access to a dedicated garage or storage area? With a little creativity and rearranging, many areas of an apartment home can be used for organizing and holding tools. Here are some ideas for how to store tools in your apartment. 

Under-Bed Storage

Under the bed can be the perfect place to store tools since this space often goes unused and is conveniently out of sight. If you’re shopping for new furniture, check out the various bed frame options that come with drawers and storage already built in. Or if you have a bed that’s raised off of the ground, you can purchase storage bins that slide underneath.


Closet Space

Another option for tool storage in an apartment is to use existing closet space, whether in the bedroom or living room. If closet shelving already exists, you can designate one or more shelves for your tools. If modifications are permitted, you could also consider installing a peg board or hooks on your closet wall to organize tools and accessories, which is a great way to save valuable shelf or floor space.


Under the Sink

Under the kitchen or bathroom sink is an area that is often underutilized. If you look under your sink right now, chances are there are things that could be rearranged or moved to make more space. Compact storage bins or toolboxes can be placed under the sink to organize and store your tools. 

Spare Drawers

Similar to space under the sink, many people have “junk drawers” that could be consolidated or cleaned out in order to create more storage space. Kitchen cabinet drawers, bedroom dresser drawers or compartments built into coffee tables or entertainment consoles could all be repurposed for tool storage. 


Repurposed Luggage

Do you have luggage taking up space that you rarely use? The inside of a suitcase can serve as a great tool storage container instead of buying new bins or boxes. Luggage can keep your tools out of sight but conveniently within reach.

Outdoor Space

If you have a patio, balcony or other outdoor space at your disposal, there are many all-weather storage solutions available for tools. Chests, racks and small sheds can be utilized, or even bench seating that has storage built underneath. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, some apartment communities have shared storage areas available to residents.

Outdoor Patio

Though storage space may seem limited when living in an apartment, there are clever ways you can organize and store tools in a home of any size. If you’re looking for apartment communities that offer private garages in Southern California, here are some options in Orange County and San Diego. Interested in more home organization ideas? Check out these easy DIY home organization tips and different methods for organizing your kitchen pantry.