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Tips for Organizing Your Small Apartment Kitchen

By August 20, 2019October 15th, 2019Apartment Living Hacks
The Colony in Newport Beach

If you’re renting an apartment and have nowhere to put your Keurig, we have some tips on how to organize a small kitchen. We also have some helpful hints on how to make it cute, as well as functional! 

Q: Where do I put my coffee cups?

A: No space for your coffee cups? This adorable rustic kitchen organizer has space to hang your mugs as well as a little space up top for your coffee beans, or whatever else you’re having trouble finding storage space for. 

Shelves for Kitchen

Q: I have no counter space for my fruit! Do you have a cute idea on where to put it?

A: Wall space, wall space, wall space! This charming wall-mounted wire basket is perfect for your produce and is designed with three separate sections and three erasable chalkboard labels. Keep fruits and vegetables off of your counter space so you can make room for appliances. 

Kitchen Storage Tips

Q: I have very little cupboard space for food items. Where do I put it all?

A: If you want your kitchen to look clean and uncluttered, a “back of the door shelving unit” can be your best friend by securely hanging from the back of a door. Maximize unused space to host a shelving unit, which is a great alternative to a pantry. 

Door Hanger Storage

Q: I still don’t have space for cups, plates or other items. 

A: Invest in a decorative shelving unit, that can serve as both storage and decoration. A shelving unit is a great alternative when you lack cupboard space, while a decorative one may be more appealing. This is a great place to store your dry food items such as cereal, pasta, bread, and canned goods. 

Kitchen Shelves

Q: I don’t like all my stuff out on display. Got any tips? 

A: Get a small cupboard. If you’re not a fan of having an open shelving unit as your pantry, with your food, appliances or pots and pans out in the open, then try using a smaller, closeable cupboard. This cute rustic cupboard also serves piece of furniture and décor. Put a few picture frames and your favorite succulent on top, and there you go! 

Cupboard for Kitchen

Q: I have no counter space! Where do I chop veggies and prepare meals? 

A: Sounds like you need a rolling island. There’s nothing more annoying than not having enough counter space when you’re trying to cook, which is why rolling islands are fabulous. Goodbye cramped counter; hello smart, movable island. You can push it up against a wall and put a succulent on top when you’re done! 

Kitchen Island

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*Please check with your landlord first to ensure that the installation of these items are permitted according to the terms of your lease.