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How to Host the Perfect Game Day Party in Your Apartment

Super bowl party

Sundays are perfect for parking it on the couch, eating your weight in wings, and hanging with the crew, but there’s one big game a year that is different from the rest during football season. Hosting a party in your apartment for this game means it’s on you to provide the festivities, and a bowl of pretzels and a two-liter of soda aren’t going to cut it.

So how can you make your party worthy of the biggest sporting event of the year? We’ve got you covered.

As any good coach will tell you, solid preparation prevents poor performance. The same goes for planning your game day party. Follow easy game day party tips to score a touchdown with your pals and host a big game bash they’ll never forget.

1. Pre-Game Meal

Are you grilling your grub or hosting a potluck? Regardless of your play-call, keep it simple by choosing a culinary theme that makes shopping or catering easier. For potlucks, you can assign various entrees to guests to keep from doubling up on dishes.

Do your guests love All-American fare? If so, you can’t go wrong with burgers, dogs, portabella mushrooms, chips, dips, and cookies. Want to go Mexican? Mix it up with spicy rice, mixed veggies, tortillas, and shredded chicken. Don’t forget the guac and queso!

2. Proper Hydration

Instead of lining up a dozen different cocktails or loading up on cases of beer, take a cue from professional mixologists and bartenders: Offer two or three types of brews (IPAs, lagers, stouts, etc.) and one batch of a specialty cocktail that matches your party theme.

And don’t forget the ice and non-alcoholic beverages for hydrating your crew. If your fridge isn’t large enough to store the extras, make use of a cooler or drop a few bags of ice in your kitchen sink.

3. Game-Changing Equipment

Your guests aren’t expecting a full movie theater experience, but make sure you have a screen that’s at least 48 inches, especially if you have a packed house. And don’t leave the gang sitting on the floor, unless they want to, of course! Rent extra chairs from a party store if you’re short on seats or grab a few additional seats from a second-hand shop. You can re-donate them after the game.

Take advice from the pros and have a back-up plan for potential snafus like a standby TV in case yours goes on the fritz. Also, have some delivery options ready in case of an unexpected kitchen disaster. No matter what team you and your gang are rooting for, follow these game day party ideas to take your game day apartment party to the next level.

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