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Best Apartments for Work-From-Home Employees

Working from Home

As the pandemic shifted our world over the past two years, more companies have decided to go remote and thanks to tech tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, and authenticator apps, commutes to the office can be traded in for morning coffee on the couch.

Santa Clara SquareWith the uptick in remote work, many people are now converting corners of their apartment homes into highly-functioning office spaces. And with that, Irvine Company Apartment Communities is pivoting to accommodate the growing demand for functional work-from-home flex spaces by adding iLounge amenity spaces and in-home tech features. Residents can connect with high-speed fiber internet complemented by on-site workspaces, indoor-outdoor seating nooks, community-wide Wi-Fi, and much more.

We’re highlighting our top work-from-home-friendly apartment communities.

The Garage at Santa Clara SquareSanta Clara Square, Santa Clara, CA

A little bit of space and technology fuels creativity and accelerates productivity, so residents of Santa Clara Square have a dedicated space to grow. At the Garage, residents can connect with friends, colleagues, and peers to discuss exciting new ideas.

The Garage provides access to indoor-outdoor community spaces, collaboration areas, high-quality video and audio in conference rooms, and semi-private offices. This innovative multi-functional workspace amenity is divided into four distinct areas:

  • The Map: Main entrance with seating and media wall
  • The Lab: Business center area with semi-private workstations and video conference equipment
  • The Box: Fixed seating with projector and sound system
  • The Hub: Collaboration space with open seating and outdoor connection

Apartments in NorCal with High-Speed Internet

Centerpointe at Irvine SpectrumCenterpointe at Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, CA

While the interior apartment homes at Centerpointe are generously sized with picture windows, 10’ high ceilings, and outfitted with ultra-high-speed internet by Gigablast℠ & Google Fiber, the community also features on-site iLounge workspaces with private conference rooms and offices.

  • The Lab features desktop computers, a media center, co-working spaces, and private offices.
  • The Think Tank Conference Room features meeting tables for collaboration as well as media centers and is available to rent.

OC Apartments With Flex Spaces

Villas at Playa Vista, Playa Vista, CA

At Villas at Playa Vista, a host of amenities make your remote work life easier, including concierge services, ultra-high-speed internet as well as the ability to bike to the beach or walk to a nearby restaurant during your lunch hour.

The three communities at Villas at Playa Vista also have access to the HUB workspace, as well as two on-site iLounges, private offices as well as a reservable conference room.

5 Tips for Working From Home

Although remote work sounds easy, for those used to the office environment, there’s actually a bit of a learning curve. Additionally, not everyone has a home office, but it may b  important to have a private space for your work that’s free of disruption.

  1. Quiet: If you prefer a noise-free environment, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones.
  2. Keep Regular Hours: While office workers tend to disconnect after they leave for the day, many remote workers work more hours on nights and weekends because work is more accessible and they can’t disconnect.
  3. Setting Limits: When you tell people you work from home, it may open Pandora’s Box of friends, neighbors, and family who think your day is open to phone calls, text exchanges, long lunch dates, or pop-ins. Set expectations so you don’t get distracted.
  4. Socialize: The office environment does lend itself to creating healthy friendships with colleagues, and loneliness can set in if you don’t make time to socialize. While the above “setting limits” rule is true, be sure to find a nice balance. Take a walk with a friend or meet up for lunch or dinner with friends or family.
  5. Separate Spaces: Try to separate your work area from your personal space. (Don’t work from your bed!) If you do have to create a workspace in a personal area (like your bedroom), be sure to make the workspace in a separate nook or corner, organized and reserved as such.

Work From Home