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Seven Stylish Apartment Organization Ideas

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With more and more people working from home or even occasionally telecommuting, home office space has become a must. But chances are your new apartment doesn’t have a dedicated room for work. Not to worry, we’ve got ideas for bedroom offices that are fun and functional as well as space-conscious.

Save room with a slender desk

Harness more space in your bedroom with a slim desk that can offer adequate workspace without being intrusive.

Keep it separated

While relaxation gurus might frown upon putting work and rest space in the same room, in a small apartment, you may have no choice. Shield yourself from the workday, however, with a full-length drapery or a repurposed walk-in closet with doors you can close at day’s end.

Repurpose a nook or bay window

Occasionally a room has dead space where nothing seems to work. There’s your office area! Transform a seemingly useless alcove or corner into your bedroom office. Or repurpose a bay window for a DIY desk idea that offers an abundance of natural light and storage options.

Choose an office chair 

Who says a functional office chair can’t be fun? Maybe a stylish wingback chair would complete your space? And plenty of home decor (as opposed to office) stores offer sleek and snazzy adjustable chairs on wheels. Just make sure your seat effectively supports your body for prolonged sitting.

Select soothing light

Reduce stress and increase work efficiency by positioning your workspace near a window with lots of natural light. A warm-colored shade on a decorative lamp can also help create a relaxing ambiance.

Harness vertical space

Take advantage of wall space when considering bedroom office ideas. Shelving can expand your work area for storage, decor, and personalization.

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Organize with decorative storage

Our world is mostly digital, but we still have items to store. Plus, there’s always the battle to find space for that pesky printer. Choose cute containers and stylish under-desk shelving to maximize space.

Inspire with wall art

Business should have some pleasure. Add some wall art that promotes relaxation – a large photo of a tropical island, a painting of a countryside landscape, or inspirational quotes.

Hang a pin or magnetic board

Clutter on a desktop can raise stress levels. So grab a pin or magnetic board to organize your thoughts, post family pictures, and decrease the mess.

Install a hideaway guest bed

If you’d rather keep your bedroom completely separate, consider doubling your guest room as an office. A hideaway bed allows considerable office space that you can quickly vacate and tidy when friends or family visit.

A bedroom and workspace can cohabitate successfully. Just incorporate these bedroom office ideas, have fun with DIY desk ideas, personalize your space, and you’ll be working efficiently and peacefully in no time.