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7 Outdoor Games for Summer Get Togethers

By June 14, 2015March 22nd, 2018Activities

In the summer I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and I jump at any opportunity to invite friends over to enjoy the sun with me. Whether it’s a 4th of July BBQ or a birthday party at the beach, summer get togethers are a great time if you have the right entertainment. These 7 outdoor games pair well with any gathering and they’re all portable. You can take them to the park and beach, then store them in your garage. Zero hassle. So choose your favorite game to DIY or add to a virtual shopping cart.

Lawn Twister

Twister is a classic, but I’ve never taken mine outside! If you have a yard, you can create this DIY version from She Knows. Otherwise Twister is portable as is, so just bring it along to your destination!

Photo Via Manhattan Research Inc.

Garden Chess

If you have the space for it, garden chess takes the game to a whole new level. Even party guests who are unfamiliar with chess will have a blast learning with these giant pieces. Be sure to get a set that includes the playing board, like this one.

DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk

Normal Ker-Plunk is just okay, but this giant DIY version by All Parenting looks like hours of fun. Set it up before your get together and you might have to push guests out your door at the end of the night.

Giant Jenga

Just like Ker-Plunk, Jenga must be more fun in giant form. This game pairs well with BBQs, and if you want to make your Jenga set match your outdoor space, you can paint the sides of the blocks to match when you follow A Beautiful Messes DIY!

Photo Via Ryan Hyde


Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, croquet is a summer time classic. Bring out your old set or invest in a new one to enjoy hours of backyard party fun. This set is great for novice players or those playing just for fun.

DIY Frisbee Golf 

You probably have everything you need for this Frisbee golf-inspired game right in your home. This My Computer is My Canvas DIY is even easy enough for young party guests.

Photo Via Nikolaus Lenau


Have you ever heard of Kubb? I hadn’t either until reading this blog post on Let’s Get Together. Now I can’t wait to build this set and try the fun game with all of my friends. I’m sure it will be a backyard party hit! You can DIY the game as seen on Let’s Get Together, or you can purchase one like this.