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5 Party Games To Try At Your Next Get-Together

By January 14, 2011September 4th, 2018Activities

You’ve got a party planned for tonight at your apartment, but how will you entertain your guests?

Here’s a suggestion fit for all ages: Party games.

Party games are a surefire way to break the ice and bring people together. While some games require a deck of cards, a game board or a handheld gadget, there are tons of games you can play with little to no investment.

Whether this is your first time hosting or you’re a party pro, below are five of the most popular games we recommend for a night of fun and laughter for all ages:


Required materials: Nothing!

The easiest way to play this classic game is to have one player act out a word or phrase while others guess what they’re trying to portray. However, if you want to allow players to use words or noises, or even incorporate props, you can make the rules.

The simplicity of charades makes it a game you can play as long as you like. Look at some suggestions here or personalize it with your own ideas.

Who Am I?

Required materials: Sticky notes/scraps of paper & tape, and a pen

Players write anything they can think of on a sticky note and stick it onto another player’s forehead or back. The goal of the game is for that person to find out what is on the paper by asking the group a combination of “yes or no” questions.

The ability to write anything on a sticky note means you can play the game an infinite number of times. See if you can come up with a fun person or place to really stump the guesser. For added humor, try writing their own name and watch them struggle to guess it!


Required materials: Any version of the official Catchphrase game (here)

Think of a cross between Taboo and Hot Potato. Like taboo, you need to describe a word and have your guests figure out what it is. However, you can use any combination of clues and words you like, and once the group guesses the word correctly, you pass the gadget off to the next person, where the rules are repeated until the buzzer goes off.

With the combination of quick thinking and a timer that’s set to go off at any second, Catchphrase is a fun way to make people freak out and trip over their own words- both which are hilarious to watch.

Apples-to-Apples/Cards Against Humanity

Required materials: The official Apples-to-Apples card game, or a more adult version of it called Cards Against Humanity

This free-for-all game has one player drawing a category card. Meanwhile, the rest of the players select a card they feel is most relevant to that category card, and place it face down. The original player who drew the category card will shuffle all played cards and pick the one they agree is the best fit.

While the game seems simple, the combination of categories and cards that get played always invokes hilarity, and sometimes even a little spirited debating. Try playing Apples-to-Apples to experience the original version of this type of game, but for a comically mature twist, Cards Against Humanity has recently risen in popularity with adults.


Required materials: Any version of the official Cranium board game

I like to think of Cranium as the all-star of party games. Cranium is played in teams where each team will need to complete a given task from a card from one of four categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm and Star Performer. Teams will work collaboratively to act out a famous person, identify the correct answer to a true or false question and even draw with their eyes closed.

Boasting a huge variety of game types, Cranium is a game that can last for hours on end. Make sure you have enough time to play- once you start, the competition won’t end until there’s a winner.

While these are our game night favorites, check out more suggestions at Buzzfeed and Yahoo. Would you recommend something different? Leave a comment below and let us know what games have been a hit at your shindigs!

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