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10 Easy Apartment DIY Decorating Hacks: How to Update a Rental Unit

By July 24, 2018January 16th, 2020Apartment Decorating Tips
Apartment Decorating DIY Hacks

Most apartment renters struggle to find ways to put their own stamp on their rental unit. When apartment living restricts painting the walls, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, and trading out the carpet for wood, it’s difficult to make a place feel like home. Some renters even refrain from putting anything up on the walls to avoid unnecessary deductions to the security deposit.

It’s important to follow the rules set by your landlord or property management company, but it’s equally as important to feel at home in your space. The good news, we found a common ground. We’re sharing 10 easy apartment D.I.Y. projects to help you create a home that not only hides common rental unit eye-sores, but also matches your personality. We’ve even included D.I.Ys to help you hide your tacky linoleum floors and ugly walls. So without further adieu, check out these 11 D.I.Y. solutions for rental decorating issues.

1| Change out the hardware in any room of your house or on your furniture, but make sure to switch it back before you move

2| Switch up your entryway with a makeshift mudroom 

3| Add some built in seating to your patio with this storage bench

4| Make your non-working fireplace a focal point by creating a faux log stack

5/6| Hide ugly walls with built-in bookcases

7| Cover unsightly floors with a vivid, painted rug

8| Bring a little life into your living space with this hanging air plants fixture

9| Disguise ugly pipes and cluttered shelving with a DIY fabric skirt

10| Get creative with temporary treatments

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